Investment Management

Serving as Your Investment Advisor and Fiduciary


Wealth Management is in our name and a cornerstone of our service. It’s fundamental to what we bring to every client relationship. To have a successful retirement plan, it is essential to get the investment side right. Our dedicated investment philosophy helps ensure your plan’s investments are aligned with your goals.

Optimizing Your Fund Lineup

The investments in your retirement plan lineup should reflect your formal criteria about balancing risk and return. Our job is to translate this expectation to an investment mix that seeks to achieve appropriate returns while keeping costs low. Equally important is to have a prudent process to monitor fund selection and performance to ensure investments in your plan continue to meet your performance criteria.

Serving as Your Invesment Manager

As a sponsor of a qualified retirement plan, you have the fiduciary responsibility to select and monitor the investments in your plan’s lineup. Fortunately, there are professional arrangements available to you to outsource these tasks and reduce your fiduciary responsibility.

Let our expertise be your peace-of-mind.


At OakStreet, we perform as an ERISA 3(38) Investment Advisor. In this role, we are responsible for selecting, monitoring and replacing funds (as necessary) on your plan lineup. We serve as a fiduciary to the plan alongside our client. This reduces your fiduciary exposure with respect to the investments in the plan.

As a fiduciary to your plan, we’ll make sure you and your employees have access to an appropriate choice of investments today, tomorrow and into the future.