About Us

OakStreet Wealth Management has deep roots dating back over 30 years in providing personalized investment management services. We’ve always been focused on identifying the best approach to meet each client’s unique situation, objectives, and long-term financial goals. Today, we apply that same philosophy and expertise to custom-tailored retirement plans that help business owners maximize retirement outcomes for themselves and their employees.

From your first interaction with OakStreet, you’ll find we’re different. Our core values drive our business to your benefit.

Everything starts with a conversation.

We take the time to learn about your business, your goals, your objectives. We use these insights to work with you to create a plan that is truly tailored to meet your needs.

Integrity is key to everything we do.

Integrity leads to trust. Trust builds relationships that last. And that’s exactly why we’re here – to support you for the long run.

Simplicity matters.

With so many years of experience creating plans, we have become well-versed with our clients and their specific needs. It is not just the work we do, but who we are that creates the best experience for you.

We’re passionate about helping people retire well.

We know retirement plans are complex. We also know you probably don’t want to be a retirement plan expert – you just want a plan that works for you and your employees. We’ll make sure it does and that you fully understand how.

In the end, financial results matter.

We believe in active investment management instead of selling “products.” It’s about delivering the rights results so you can achieve your goals.

We find a lot of happiness talking with clients, listening to what’s important to them and their employees, and then cultivating the best plan to meet their needs. It’s an enjoyable way to work and live. We are fortunate to share our passion and expertise to help others retire well.

– Lindsey A. Black, CEO